Project Objectives


Breeding European Legumes for Increased Sustainability

The project will focus on seven forage crops and seven grain crop that are currently grown to produce feed (for ruminants – cattle, sheep, goat and monogastric animals – pig, poultry), food (as is or after processing) or to deliver ecosystem services

BELIS objectives

1. To develop tools and methodologies for cost-effective breeding programmes and deliver proofs of concept, with and for breeders.

2. To facilitate the economic regulatory environment varity registration variety recommendation and business models

3. To implement an efficient, ambitious and durable transfer of innovation through the BELIS platform that includes a network of breeders and actors from scientific research, extension services and seed, food and feed industries, as well as a training portfolio.

By enabling the creation of improved varieties in many species, adapted to different areas and uses in Europe, this project is relevant for the destinations towards «Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services», mainly contributing to «Access to a wider range of crops and breeds with a broadened genetic base is improved in line with global biodiversity commitments». It also supports the «Practices in agriculture and forestry support biodiversity and the
provision of other ecosystems services». In addition, BELIS will have a positive input on natural biodiversity, reduction of air and water pollutions and farming system sustainability.