The following deliverables are foreseen during the project:

Deliverable 1.1 – Policy brief on the available data on rural women and women farmers across Europe

Deliverable 1.2 – Policy brief presenting mega trends and foresight on rural women led innovation

Deliverable 2.1 – Report on existing knowledge of rural women led innovation

Deliverable 2.2 – Synthesis report on gender norms and barriers in (A)KIS

Deliverable 2.3 – Synthesis Report presenting the experiences of rural women innovators across living labs

Deliverable 3.1 – Methodological guidelines & training programme for the Living labs in 9 countries and online training resource how to lead socio-ecological LLs for women

Deliverable 3.2 – Individual lab programmes and report on 1st year operation

Deliverable 3.3 – Midterm report on cross lab learning events

Deliverable 3.4 – Synthesis report of the (in)tangible rural innovations over the project’s life cycle

Deliverable 3.5 – Synthesis report of the living lab with guidelines and lessons learned about supporting women innovators

Deliverable 4.1 – Template & training webinar for gender benchmarking farm & rural policy

Deliverable 4.2 – Synthesis report gender benchmarking European and national agricultural and rural policies

Deliverable 4.3 – Synthesis report on benchmarking legal frameworks for land transfer

Deliverable 5.1 – Report with policy recommendations on inclusive transition policies for farming and rural areas

Deliverable 5.2 – Policy toolkit to develop and monitor inclusive agricultural and rural development policies

Deliverable 6.1 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (CDEP)

Deliverable 6.2 – GRASS CEILING open access webinar for leaders of LLs for women innovators

Deliverable 6.3 – GRASS CEILING MOOC on rural women-led innovation

Deliverable 6.4 – Brochure with final results

Deliverable 6.5 – European Policy forum exploitation plan

Deliverable 6.6 – Update dissemination and exploitation plan 1

Deliverable 6.7 – Update dissemination and exploitation plan 2

Deliverable 6.8 – Practice abstracts- batch n.1

Deliverable 6.9 – Practice abstracts-batch n.2

Deliverable 6.10 – Website creation

Deliverable 7.1 – Data Management Plan and ethical guidelines

Deliverable 7.2 – Minutes/report of the project kick off meeting

Deliverable 7.3 – Data management plan update 1

Deliverable 7.4 – Data management plan update 2