Living Labs

Living labs are at the heart of the project. 9 multi-actor living labs will support women-led interactive innovation initiatives in the socio-ecological transition space through two components:

  1. closed coaching sessions with women
  2. multi-actor sessions with women and relevant AKIS actors. In each living lab women innovators work with two lab co-leads, a women innovator and an academic.

The women innovators are members of the stakeholder organisations for each of the nine case study countries, and they will identify other women innovators to participate in the labs. GRASS CEILING will train the co-leads on how to lead innovation living labs. This will ensure that they will have the necessary skills to lead labs to design solutions, and to achieve the socio-ecological transition needed during and after the completion of the project. Drawing on these designs, GRASS CEILING will record progress made by these women innovators through in-depth case studies and educate multi-actors about the type of support they need. The user-led innovation outcomes will help inform intervention policy and practice when working with agri-rural women-innovators.

The living labs take place in 9 countries that represent different agricultural and rural realities as well as sociopolitical contexts.

1. Croatia

2. Ireland

3. Sweden

4. Spain

5. Netherlands

6. Italy

7. Norway

8. Lithuania

9. Scotland